Below are the Covenants for 
Quail Meadows

The Covenants are not intended to place tight restrictions on land use, but rather to help to keep the Development clean and orderly.


Quail Meadows: Recorded in the Office of the Register of Deeds, Sequatchie County, Tennessee.

  1. Tracts shall be used for residential purposes only.

  2.  No business enterprise of any kind shall be located upon the 

  3. There shall be no cutting of merchantable timber, except for 
     the underbrush and clearing for driveway, yard and garden 
     areas. No logging.

  4. No excavation of earth from any tract shall be used for 
     commercial purposes. No ponds or lakes shall be installed 
     without the prior written approval of the Declarant. Any 
     construction or other activity affecting streams or wetlands 
     shall be constructed in accordance with all federal, state and 
     local laws.

  5. There shall be no accumulation of debris, refuse, or trash. No 
     placement or storage of junk; and no placement of non- 
     operating vehicles or machinery on property. No automobile 
     without current license plates or in inoperable condition, used 
     lumber, building materials, or other junk or debris will be 
     allowed to stand on or be accumulated on property. No 
     unsightly structures made of, but not limited to tar paper, 
     plastic or canvass shall be constructed upon the property. Any 
     piles of firewood must be neatly stacked. Any boat or utility 
     trailers must be parked in the rear of dwelling. 

  6. No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on any lot or 
     tract within the subdivision, nor shall anything thereon which 
     may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the 

  7. No multi-family residences shall be located on the property.

  8. Tracts of ten (10) acres or more may be re-subdivided to 
     incorporate separate tracts containing a minimum of five (5) 
     acres. No tract may be subdivided to a size of less than five (5) 
     acres. Only one home site allowed per five (5) acre tract.

  9. The property shall be subject to utility easements of thirty (30) 
     feet on the front of each tract.

  10. No streets, ditches, signs, or other improvements in the said 
     subdivision may be modified or altered without the written 
     consent of the Declarant, or its successors or assigns.

  11.  Any house or mobile home shall be suitable for the lot and 
     harmonious with other residences in the area, and generally 
     shall promote the beauty, harmony and desirability of said  area as a residential development.

  12.  Any construction on the property must be completed within 
     nine (9) months of the commencement of the construction.

  13.  No buildings or structures shall be placed within one hundred 
     (100) feet of any front or rear property line, thirty (30) feet of 
     any side property line nor within one hundred (100) feet of 
     any flowing streams unless approved in writhing by Declarant.

  14.  No single-family detached dwelling house or mobile home  shall  be erected or permitted to remain on the property unless  it has  a minimum of 1,000 square feet of living area on the ground floor.

  15.  Mobile homes must be new or in excellent condition and not 
     over two (2) years old when placed on the property. Mobile 
     homes may not have a metal roof or metal siding and all 
     hitches and wheels must be removed. 

  16.  All homes must be completely enclosed around the bottom 
     (commonly called skirting) within 30 days of installation on  the tract. Skirting may be custom or vinyl material.

  17.  Any additions made to homes or mobile homes (carports, 
     screen rooms, decks, porches, etc.) shall be constructed of 
     new, similar materials, and be built in harmonious design and 
     color to match the home or mobile home.

  18.  Storage and utility buildings must be in conformity with the 
     residence upon the tract upon which they are located.

  19.  All structures, including but not limited to residences, fences, 
     decks, porches, out buildings and driveways, must be 
     constructed of new materials and must be constructed in 
     compliance with all federal, state and local laws, and shall be 
     maintained in a good state of repair. Residences shall be 
     maintained in good repair at all times, including washing and 
     painting if necessary.

  20.  All homes shall be reasonably landscaped within 30 days of 

  21.  All sewage disposal shall be handled by septic tanks and drain f

  22.  Driveways must be graveled, chip and tarred or paved.

  23.  Parking or storage of campers, trailers, boats or other 
     recreational vehicles, or any vehicles with a GVW in excess of 
     ¼ ton is prohibited except within an enclosed garage or 
     except near the residence.

  24. No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any 
     lot or tract except one sign of not more than one (1) square 
     foot indicating the identity of the owner of the property 
     and/or on (1) “For Sale” sign, of the type customarily used by 
     persons selling residential property.

  25.  All garbage and trashcans must be hidden from view.

  26.  There shall be no clotheslines erected or installed on the 

  27.  Any major mechanical repair work performed on any motor 
     vehicle shall be done in an enclosed garage or carport, and 
     shall not be visible from any street.

  28.  Farm animals must be contained in rear of any dwelling.

  29.  No more than four (4) dogs shall be allowed per dwelling and 
     must be penned or leashed.

  30.  No camping allowed.

  31. These restrictions shall constitute a servitude with the land and shall expire 99 years from the date hereof. 

  32. In the event of a violation or breach of any of these restrictions by any person or concern claiming by, through or under the subdivider, or by virtue of any judicial proceedings, the subdivider and the owners of the land tracts in the subdivision, or any of them, jointly or severally, shall have the right to proceed at law or in equity to compel compliance with the terms thereof or to prevent the violation or breach of any of them. In addition to the foregoing right, the subdivider shall have the right whenever there shall have been built on any tract in the subdivision, any structure which is in violation of these restrictions, to enter upon the property where such violation exists and summarily abate or remove the same at the expense of the owner, and such entry and abatement or removal shall not be deemed a trespass. 

  33. The failure to enforce any right, reservation, restriction, or condition contained herein, however long continued, shall not be deemed a waiver of the right to do so thereinafter as to the same breach or as to a breach occurring prior to or subsequent thereto and shall not bar or affect its enforcement. The validation of any court of any restriction herein contained shall not in any way effect any other restrictions but they shall remain in full force and effect.

  34. Any of the restrictions herein contained may be altered, amended or canceled as to any tract upon the recording in the Public Records of Grundy County, Tennessee, of an instrument executed by Grundy County TN Land Company, LLC., setting forth such change.

  35. Grundy County TN Land Company, LLC., its successors or assigns, may assign any and all of its rights, powers and privileges under this instrument to any other corporation, association or person.


Quail Meadows Covenants

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