Tennessee land for sale

When you purchase land from us, we make is simple and easy.  

We offer land lots as small as 1/3 of an acre, as well as  larger tracts that range from 5 to 100 acres.  Most of our available land is in the 5 to 10 acre range.  Most of our customers purchase tracts in this range because the payments are so low.

1.  First, give a call to 1-888-846-8703  if you want to make a personal inspection of the property before making a purchase.  We advise that you do make a personal inspection so that you can choose exactly what you like.

2.  Wil Turner, our Tennessee Land Manager will arrange an appointment for you to visit him at the Woodland Ridge on-site land office where he will describe the various areas in which we have available land.  He will also answer any up front questions you may have.

3.  Once it is determined which land location you have the most interest, as well as the amount of land you desire to purchase, Wil will escort you to make a personal inspection of a few different parcels of land that he believes will fit your wants, needs and desires.

4.  You will walk over a few parcels of land to view the features each has to offer.  Once you have decided on which parcel of land you want to purchase ( assuming you make a purchase), Wil will take you back to the office to complete the transaction that takes no longer than 15 minutes.

5.  Our purchase agreement is easy to read and simple to understand.  If you require financing, you will make a decision as to how many years to finance your purchase.  We do offer a discount for a one payment (pay in full) purchase.

6.  You will pay your down  payment and the contract will be prepared and signed by you and Will Turner.

 7.  You will receive your copy of the contract as well as a  "Property Report" that provides an abundance of information regarding the property and places of interest in the surrounding area.  The "Property Report" also includes contact addresses and phone numbers for county offices, law enforcement and area contractors.

8.  Your paper-work will be shipped to our Florida accounting office where it will be processed.  You will receive a coupon payment booklet within approximately 10 days following your purchase.

9.  Once you have made all of your payments on the contract, you will receive your deed to the property.  

10.  You may elect to have your contract converted to a deed and give back a Deed of Trust (Note and Mortgage) once you have made at least five monthly payments on your land.   These documents will be recorded in the respective County Courthouse.  This election is not mandatory, but an option that you may want to exercise.

11.  Property taxes on the property will be billed to us until such time as you receive your deed to the property.  We will pay the taxes each year to the County and invoice you for reimbursement. 

12.  That's all there is to it!   It is just this easy and simple!​

Buy from Us - Easy Steps