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About Us

Our Family Land Sale Business

We are a family operated land business comprised of several entities and we only sell our own land.  The business began over 50 years ago.  It all started in 1959 with an investment of $1,500 for the purchase of 15 acres of private land located in Florida's Ocala National Forest.

That land was subdivided into small lots.  We sold and financed the lots to buyers for $5 down and $5 monthly.  We had a plan that worked for our customers, and we knew it!

A lot has happened since those "Good Ole Days".  Since then, we have purchased in excess of 10,000 acres of land in the states, of Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and Maine. 

Our formula is to sell land at a low price, offer owner financing on each purchase with a low down payment and an affordable low monthly payment without customer qualification or credit checks. We even offer a discount for a one payment (pay in full) purchase.  How do we do it?

We have always known that land investment is more stable than investment in the housing market. Therefore, we search for large tracts of land at low prices located in some of the most beautiful locations in Tennessee.

We tap into our vast network of resources to acquire and develop these large tracts of land at reduced costs, as well as using our cash position to acquire parcels of land in bulk and pass the tremendous savings to our purchasers. This allows us to provide the opportunity for practically anyone to own and invest in land at affordable prices, with a low down-payment and a low monthly payment. 

We make it easy for our buyers to purchase land. Our land agreements are clear, simple and easy to understand. In fact, the time it takes to complete a purchase transaction (once you personally inspect the property) is less than 15 minutes!  Moreover, we are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding the purchase of land!

We are extremely proud of the fact that we have literally thousands of satisfied buyers, and our primary goal is to make purchasing land from us an enjoyable, simple and inexpensive experience.  You are dealing directly with us with no middleman involvement.


Land Inquiries

The Tennessee Land Companies
James Floyd, Tennessee Property Manager
11556 State Route 8 (Hwy 111)
Dunlap, TN 37327-6719
Phone Toll Free 1-888-846-8703

Accounting Inquiries:

The Tennessee Land Companies
C. Ray Greene, III CFO
PO Box 1956
Ocala, Fl 34478
Phone: 1-352-690-2305